adjective sur·rep·ti·tious \ ˌsər-əp-ˈti-shəs , ˌsə-rəp- , sə-ˌrep- \
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Definition of surreptitious

1 : done, made, or acquired by stealth : clandestine
2 : acting or doing something clandestinely : stealthy
  • a surreptitious glance



Examples of surreptitious in a Sentence

  1. The letter didn't offer up the jewels, only shadowy suggestions about their disappearance, claiming that [heiress, Carolyn] Skelly, in a surreptitious trading of parcels with "a man in an ankle-length tweed overcoat," had left a bag full of jewelry on the floor at J.F.K. —Mark SealVanity FairDecember 2001
  2. In the early evening as we gathered in the lobby beneath mounted elk heads and bear skins, the lights of the chandelier flickered mysteriously. But the teacher and I both spied the surreptitious action of the desk clerk, whose sheepish smile acknowledged that one brief hotel mystery had been solved. Other signs of pranking there included a "ghost" photo (displayed in a lobby album) that the clerk confided to me was staged, and some pennies, placed on the back of a men's room toilet, that from time to time would secretly become rearranged to form messages—like the word "why?" that I encountered. —Joe NickellSkeptical InquirerSeptember/October 2000
  3. The next week offered [FBI agent] Wiser the opportunity he had been waiting for. Ames was leaving the country, going to Ankara for a weeklong international conference on drugs. Wiser went to Bryant for permission to run a … surreptitious search of Ames' garbage. But the chief was dead set against it. —Tim Weiner et al.Rolling Stone29 June 1995
  4. She had a surreptitious relationship with her employee.

  5. a private investigator adept at taking surreptitious pictures of adulterous couples

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Origin and Etymology of surreptitious

Middle English, from Latin surrepticius, from surreptus, past participle of surripere to snatch secretly, from sub- + rapere to seize — more at rapid

Synonym Discussion of surreptitious

secret, covert, stealthy, furtive, clandestine, surreptitious, underhanded mean done without attracting observation. secret implies concealment on any grounds for any motive.
    • met at a secret location
covert stresses the fact of not being open or declared.
    • covert intelligence operations
stealthy suggests taking pains to avoid being seen or heard especially in some misdoing.
    • the stealthy step of a burglar
furtive implies a sly or cautious stealthiness.
    • lovers exchanging furtive glances
clandestine implies secrecy usually for an evil, illicit, or unauthorized purpose and often emphasizes the fear of being discovered.
    • a clandestine meeting of conspirators
surreptitious applies to action or behavior done secretly often with skillful avoidance of detection and in violation of custom, law, or authority.
    • the surreptitious stockpiling of weapons
underhanded stresses fraud or deception.
    • an underhanded trick

SURREPTITIOUS Defined for English Language Learners


Definition of surreptitious for English Language Learners

  • : done in a secret way

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