slip on a banana skin/peel

Definition of slip on a banana skin/peel

  1. :  fail in an embarrassing way The director has slipped on a banana skin in her latest film.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to move with a smooth sliding motion

    :  to move quietly and cautiously :  steal

    :  elapse, pass

  1. :  a sloping ramp extending out into the water to serve as a place for landing or repairing ships

    :  a ship's or boat's berth between two piers

    :  the act or an instance of departing secretly or hurriedly

  1. :  a small shoot or twig cut for planting or grafting :  scion

    :  descendant, offspring

    :  a long narrow strip of material

  1. :  to take cuttings from (a plant) :  divide into slips

  1. :  a mixture of finely divided clay and water used especially by potters (as for casting or decorating wares or in cementing separately formed parts)

  1. :  an elongated usually tapering tropical fruit with soft pulpy flesh enclosed in a soft usually yellow rind

    :  any of several widely cultivated perennial herbs (genus Musa of the family Musaceae, the banana family) bearing bananas in compact pendent bunches

  1. :  the integument of an animal (such as a fur-bearing mammal or a bird) separated from the body usually with its hair or feathers

    :  a usually unmounted specimen of a vertebrate (as in a museum)

    :  the hide or pelt of a game or domestic animal

  1. :  to strip, scrape, or rub off an outer covering (such as the skin or rind) of

    :  to strip or peel off

    :  to cut, chip, or damage the surface of

  1. :  devoted to showing nudes

  1. :  to strip off an outer layer of

    :  to remove by stripping

    :  to come off in sheets or scales

  1. :  the skin or rind of a fruit

    :  a thin layer of organic material that is embedded in a film of collodion and stripped from the surface of an object (such as a plant fossil) for microscopic study

    :  chemical peel

  1. :  a usually long-handled spade-shaped instrument that is used chiefly by bakers for getting something (such as bread or pies) into or out of the oven

  1. :  a medieval small massive fortified tower along the Scottish-English border —called also peel tower

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to cast off or become cast off

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