sit still

Definition of sit still

  1. :  to sit without moving around You can't expect young children to sit still for that long.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to rest on the buttocks or haunches

    :  perch, roost

    :  to occupy a place as a member of an official body

  1. :  the manner in which a garment fits

    :  an act or period of sitting

  1. :  devoid of or abstaining from motion

    :  sedentary

    :  not effervescent

  1. :  to become motionless or silent :  quiet

    :  allay, calm

    :  to put an end to :  settle

  1. :  without motion

    :  always, continually

    :  in a progressive manner :  increasingly

  1. :  quiet, silence

    :  a static photograph

    :  a photograph of actors or scenes of a motion picture for publicity or documentary purposes

  1. :  distill

  1. :  distillery

    :  apparatus used in distillation comprising either the chamber in which the vaporization is carried out or the entire equipment

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