service fee


Definition of service fee


  1. :  an amount of money that is charged for a particular service in addition to a basic fee Tickets are $25 plus a $3 service fee.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the occupation or function of serving

    :  employment as a servant

    :  the work performed by one that serves

  1. :  to perform services for: such as

    :  to repair or provide maintenance for

    :  to meet interest and sinking fund payments on (as government debt)

  1. :  of or relating to the armed services

    :  used in serving or supplying

    :  intended for hard or everyday use

  1. :  an Old World tree (Sorbus domestica) resembling the related mountain ashes but having larger flowers and larger edible fruit

    :  a related Old World tree (S. torminalis) with bitter fruits

  1. :  an estate in land held in feudal law from a lord on condition of homage and service

    :  a piece of land so held

    :  an inherited or heritable estate in land

  1. :  hire

    :  tip

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