adjective, often capitalized rhad·a·man·thine \ˌra-də-ˈman(t)-thən, -ˈman-ˌthīn\

Definition of rhadamanthine

  1. :  rigorously strict or just

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Did You Know?

In Greek mythology, there were three judges of the underworld: Minos, Aeacus, and Rhadamanthus. Minos, a son of Zeus and Europa, had been the king of Crete before becoming supreme judge in the underworld after his death. Aeacus, another son of Zeus, was king of Aegina before joining the underworld triumvirate. Rhadamanthus, brother of Minos and king of the Cyclades Islands, was especially known for being inflexible when administering his judgment - hence, the meaning of "rhadamanthine" as "rigorously strict or just."

Origin and Etymology of rhadamanthine


First Known Use: 1659

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