noun pro·cliv·i·ty \prō-ˈkli-və-tē\

Definition of proclivity



  1. :  an inclination or predisposition toward something; especially :  a strong inherent inclination toward something objectionable

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Recent Examples of proclivity from the Web

  • In the 2006 stoner comedy Grandma’s Boy, eccentric video game creator J.P. — who inexplicably speaks in a robot voice — gets a bit overexcited when a woman at a party plays along with his robotic proclivities.
  • Featuring AI that was developed to determine each animal’s traits – including proclivity for fight or flight, sensitivity to pain, and curiosity – the title appears to be the most promising Jurassic Park spin-off to date.

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Did You Know?

Have you always had this leaning toward wanting to know about words and their etymologies? Maybe you even have a propensity to use the featured word several times in the course of the day—due, of course, not to a proclivity for pretentiousness, but because you simply have a penchant for using a rich vocabulary. And perhaps you have a predilection for using lots of synonyms, such as proclivity (from clivus, the Latin word for "slope"), referring to a tendency usually toward something bad; propensity, suggesting an often uncontrollable inclination; penchant, meaning an irresistible attraction; and predilection, which describes a strong liking derived from one's temperament.

Origin and Etymology of proclivity

Latin proclivitas, from proclivis sloping, prone, from pro- forward + clivus slope — more at pro-, declivity

First Known Use: 1561

Synonym Discussion of proclivity

leaning, propensity, proclivity, penchant mean a strong instinct or liking for something. leaning suggests a liking or attraction not strong enough to be decisive or uncontrollable. a student with artistic leanings propensity implies a deeply ingrained and usually irresistible inclination. a propensity to offer advice proclivity suggests a strong natural proneness usually to something objectionable or evil. a proclivity for violence penchant implies a strongly marked taste in the person or an irresistible attraction in the object. a penchant for taking risks

PROCLIVITY Defined for English Language Learners



Definition of proclivity for English Language Learners

  • : a strong natural liking for something that is usually bad : a tendency to do something that is usually bad

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