pop the cork

Definition of pop the cork

  1. :  to open a bottle (of bubbly wine) by removing the cork She popped the cork on the champagne.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to strike or knock sharply :  hit

    :  to push, put, or thrust suddenly and often deftly

    :  to cause to explode or burst open

  1. :  a sharp explosive sound

    :  a shot from a gun

    :  soda pop

  1. :  like or with a pop :  suddenly

  1. :  father

  1. :  popular : such as

    :  of or relating to popular music

    :  of or relating to the popular culture disseminated through the mass media

  1. :  popular music

    :  pop art

    :  pop culture

  1. : population

  1. :  the elastic tough outer tissue of the cork oak that is used especially for stoppers and insulation

    :  phellem

    :  a usually cork stopper for a bottle or jug

  1. :  to furnish or fit with cork or a cork

    :  to stop up with a cork

    :  to blacken with burnt cork

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