pocket calculator

Definition of pocket calculator

  1. :  a calculator that can fit in a shirt pocket

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a small bag carried by a person :  purse

    :  a small bag that is sewed or inserted in a garment so that it is open at the top or side

    :  supply of money :  means

  1. :  to put or enclose in or as if in one's pocket

    :  to appropriate to one's own use :  steal

    :  to refuse assent to (a bill) by a pocket veto

  1. :  small enough to be carried in the pocket

    :  small, miniature

    :  of or relating to money

  1. :  one that calculates: such as

    :  a usually electronic device for performing mathematical calculations

    :  a person who operates a calculator

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