pitching wedge

Definition of pitching wedge

  1. :  a type of golf club used for hitting a golf ball so that it goes very high in the air and rolls very little after hitting the ground

Word by Word Definitions

pitchplay pitching
  1. :  a black or dark viscous substance obtained as a residue in the distillation of organic materials and especially tars

    :  any of various bituminous substances

    :  resin obtained from various conifers and often used medicinally

  1. :  to cover, smear, or treat with or as if with pitch

  1. :  to erect and fix firmly in place

    :  to throw usually with a particular objective or toward a particular point : such as

    :  to throw (a baseball) to a batter

  1. :  slope

    :  degree of slope :  rake

    :  the distance between any of various things: such as

  1. :  a piece of a substance (such as wood or iron) that tapers to a thin edge and is used for splitting wood and rocks, raising heavy bodies, or for tightening by being driven into something

    :  something (such as a policy) causing a breach or separation

    :  something used to initiate an action or development

  1. :  to fasten or tighten by driving in a wedge

    :  to force or press (something) into a narrow space :  cram

    :  to force (one's way) into or through

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