adjective pan·sex·u·al \ˌpan-ˈsek-sh(ə-)wəl, -shəl\

Definition of pansexual

  1. 1 :  of, relating to, or characterized by sexual desire or attraction that is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation <Pansexual people are attracted to all kinds of people, regardless of their gender, sex or presentation. — Farhana Khan>; also :  not solely homosexual or heterosexual <The famous 0-6 scale … was devised to chart sexual proclivities, from purely heterosexual (0) to purely homosexual (6). Kinsey felt humans are pansexual (most falling somewhere between 0 and 6), and restrictions imposed by society and religion lead to sexual maladjustments. — Lisa C. Hickman>

  2. 2 :  tending to suffuse all experience and conduct with erotic feeling <Although Whitman's impulses were homoerotic, he was pansexual in the sense that he could find the driving force of something such as sex in almost everything … — Peter Craven>


noun <A pansexual is someone who can be attracted to males, females, transgender people and those who identify as non-binary (not female or male). — Mel Evans>


play \ˌpan-ˌsek-shə-ˈwa-lə-tē\ or less commonly


play \ˌpan-ˈsek-sh(ə-)wə-ˌli-zəm, -shə-\ noun <The opening of Studio 54, in April 1977, expanded gay disco culture to encompass a pansexuality that united gays, straights, and the sexually undecided under the banner of disco hedonism. — Peter Braunstein>


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