paddling pool


Definition of paddling pool


  1. :  a shallow pool for children to play in

Word by Word Definitions

paddleplay paddling
  1. :  to move the hands or feet about in shallow water

    :  to use the hands or fingers in toying or caressing

    :  toddle

  1. :  a usually wooden implement that has a long handle and a broad flattened blade and that is used to propel and steer a small craft (as a canoe)

    :  an implement often with a short handle and a broad flat blade that is used for stirring, mixing, or hitting

    :  one used to hit a ball in any of various games (as table tennis)

  1. :  to go on or through water by or as if by means of a paddle or paddle wheel

    :  to propel by a paddle

    :  to transport in a paddled craft

  1. :  a small and rather deep body of usually fresh water

    :  a quiet place in a stream

    :  a body of water forming above a dam

  1. :  to form a pool

    :  to accumulate or become static (as in the veins of a bodily part)

  1. :  an aggregate stake to which each player of a game has contributed

    :  all the money bet by a number of persons on a particular event

    :  a game played on an English billiard table in which each of the players stakes a sum and the winner takes all

  1. :  to combine (as resources) in a common pool or effort

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a dividing ridge between drainage areas

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