open the floodgates

Definition of open the floodgates

  1. :  to remove something serving to restrain an outburst Many people fear that the court's latest ruling will open the floodgates for/to a host of new lawsuits.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  having no enclosing or confining barrier :  accessible on all or nearly all sides

    :  being in a position or adjustment to permit passage :  not shut or locked

    :  having a barrier (as a door) so adjusted as to allow passage

  1. :  to move (as a door) from a closed position

    :  to make available for entry or passage by turning back (as a barrier) or removing (as a cover or an obstruction)

    :  to make available for or active in a regular function

  1. :  opening

    :  open and unobstructed space: such as

    :  open air

floodgateplay floodgates
  1. :  a gate for shutting out, admitting, or releasing a body of water :  sluice

    :  something serving to restrain an outburst

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