no kidding

Definition of no kidding


  1. 1 —used to emphasize the truth of a statement No kidding, the test is tomorrow.

  2. 2 —used to ask if a statement is really true “The test is tomorrow.” “No kidding?”

  3. 3 —used to show surprise or interest in what has been said “My brother got engaged last month.” “No kidding! That's great news!” ; often used in an ironic way in response to a statement that is regarded as very obvious “If we don't start going faster, we're not going to finish on time.” “Gee, no kidding.”

Word by Word Definitions

kidplay kidding
  1. :  a young person

    :  child

    :  a young goat

  1. :  younger

  1. :  to deceive (someone) as a joke :  to say untrue things to (someone) in a playful or joking way

    :  to fail to admit the truth to (someone)

    :  to gently criticize or tease (someone) in a friendly or good-humored way

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to criticize severely

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