noun, plural in form but singular in construction me·tab·o·lo·mics \mə-ˈta-bə-ˌlō-miks, -ˌlä-\

Definition of metabolomics

  1. :  the scientific study and analysis of the metabolites produced by a cell, tissue, or organism After genomics and proteomics … will come metabolomics, the ability to measure all the metabolites the body uses and generates, in real time. — Steve Chapple To analyse the tumour cells' metabolism, they used a technique called “metabolomics.” This involves crushing live tumour cells and measuring the metabolites they contain using a mass spectrometer. — Michael Slezak


play \mə-ˈta-bə-ˌlō-mik, -ˌlä-\ adjective metabolomic research

Origin and Etymology of metabolomics

metabolome “total complement of metabolites in a cell” (from metabol(ite) + -ome—in genome) + -ics, after genomics

First Known Use: 1999

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