make up


Definition of make up

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1a :  to form by fitting together or assembling <make up a train of cars>b :  to arrange typeset matter in (as pages) for printing

  3. 2a :  to combine to produce (a sum or whole)b :  constitute, compose <10 chapters make up this volume>

  4. 3a :  to compensate for (as a deficiency or omission) <make up the difference in lost pay>b :  to do or take in order to correct an omission <make up a history exam>

  5. 4 :  settle, decide <made up my mind to depart>

  6. 5 :  to wrap or fasten up <make the books up into a parcel>

  7. 6a :  to prepare in physical appearance for a roleb :  to apply cosmetics to

  8. 7a :  invent, improvise <make up a story>b :  to set in order <rooms are made up daily>

  9. intransitive verb
  10. 1 :  to become reconciled <quarreled but later made up>

  11. 2a :  to act ingratiatingly and flatteringly <made up to his aunt for a new bicycle>b :  to make advances :  court

  12. 3 :  compensate <make up for lost time>

  13. 4a :  to put on costumes or makeup (as for a play)b :  to apply cosmetics

Examples of make up in a sentence

  1. <the book is made up of 20 chapters>

  2. <she keeps making up excuses as to why she hasn't yet finished the project>

14th Century

First Known Use of make up

14th century

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