live by one's wits

Definition of live by one's wits

  1. :  to survive by doing clever and sometimes dishonest things Out in the jungle, with no food or shelter, he had to live by his wits. a young thief who lives by her wits

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to be alive :  have the life of an animal or plant

    :  to continue alive

    :  to maintain oneself :  subsist

  1. :  having life :  living

    :  existing in fact or reality :  actual

    :  exerting force or containing energy: such as

  1. :  at the actual time of occurrence :  during, from, or at a live production

witplay wits
  1. :  know

    :  to come to know :  learn

  1. :  mind, memory

    :  reasoning power :  intelligence

    :  sense

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