in the lap of the gods

Definition of in the lap of the gods

chiefly British

  1. :  not yet decided or certain The election is too close to call: the result is in the lap of the gods.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a loose overlapping or hanging panel or flap especially of a garment

    :  the skirt of a coat or dress

    :  the clothing that lies on the knees, thighs, and lower part of the trunk when one sits

  1. :  to fold over or around something :  wind

    :  to envelop entirely :  swathe

    :  to fold over especially into layers

  1. :  the amount by which one object overlaps or projects beyond another

    :  the part of an object that overlaps another

    :  a smoothing and polishing tool usually consisting of a piece of wood, leather, felt, or soft metal in a special shape used with or without an embedded abrasive

  1. :  to take in food or drink with the tongue

    :  to make a gentle intermittent splashing sound

    :  to move in little waves :  wash

  1. :  an act or instance of lapping

    :  the amount that can be carried to the mouth by one lick or scoop of the tongue

    :  a thin or weak beverage or food

godplay gods
  1. :  the supreme or ultimate reality: such as

    :  the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe

    :  the incorporeal divine Principle ruling over all as eternal Spirit :  infinite Mind

  1. :  to treat as a god :  idolize, deify

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clearly seen through or understood

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