in relation to

Definition of in relation to


  1. 1 —used to compare to the size, shape, or position of (some other part of the same thing) The monkey's eyes are large in relation to its head.

  2. 2 —used to talk about what something is like by seeing how it is related to something else understanding literature in relation to history

  3. 3 :  about (something or someone) :  in reference to I have several comments to make in relation to the subject at hand.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the act of telling or recounting :  account

    :  an aspect or quality (such as resemblance) that connects two or more things or parts as being or belonging or working together or as being of the same kind

    :  a property (such as one expressed by is equal to, is less than, or is the brother of) that holds between an ordered pair of objects

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contemplative of or relative to the past

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