have a fling at (something)

Definition of have a fling at (something)

  1. :  to try (something) without being very serious about it or without worrying about whether or not it will succeed He had a brief fling at starting his own business.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to move in a brusque or headlong manner

    :  to kick or plunge vigorously

    :  caper

  1. :  an act or instance of flinging

    :  a casual try or involvement

    :  a casual or brief love affair

  1. :  some indeterminate or unspecified thing

    :  a person or thing of consequence

    :  one having more or less the character, qualities, or nature of something different

  1. :  in some degree :  somewhat

    : used as an intensive giving adverbial force to an adjective

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a brief usually trivial fact

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