hang by a thread

Definition of hang by a thread

  1. :  to be in a very dangerous situation or state :  to be very close to death, failure, etc. The patient's life was hanging by a thread.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to fasten to some elevated point without support from below :  suspend

    :  to fasten so as to allow free motion within given limits upon a point of suspension

    :  to adjust the hem of (a skirt) so as to hang evenly and at a proper height

  1. :  the manner in which a thing is poised when suspended from above without support from below :  the way in which a thing hangs (see 1hang)

    :  declivity, slope

    :  droop

  1. :  a filament, a group of filaments twisted together, or a filamentous length formed by spinning and twisting short textile fibers into a continuous strand

    :  a piece of thread

    :  any of various natural filaments

  1. :  to pass a thread through the eye of (a needle)

    :  to arrange a thread, yarn, or lead-in piece in working position for use in (a machine)

    :  to pass something through in the manner of a thread

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