half asleep

Definition of half asleep

  1. :  not completely awake :  very tired I was half asleep when you called.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  either of two equal parts that compose something

    :  a part approximately equal to one of these

    :  one of a pair: such as

  1. :  being one of two equal parts

    :  that is approximately equal to either of two equal parts that compose something :  amounting to approximately half

    :  falling short of the full or complete thing :  partial

  1. :  in an equal part or degree

    :  not completely :  partially

    :  by any means :  at all

  1. :  being in a state of sleep

    :  dead

    :  lacking sensation :  numb

  1. :  into a state of sleep

    :  into the sleep of death

    :  into a state of inactivity, sluggishness, or indifference

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