go to extreme/great lengths

Definition of go to extreme/great lengths

  1. :  to make a great or extreme effort to do something He went to extreme/great lengths to learn the truth.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to move on a course :  proceed — compare stop

    :  to move out of or away from a place expressed or implied :  leave, depart

    :  to take a certain course or follow a certain procedure

  1. :  the act or manner of going

    :  the height of fashion :  rage

    :  an often unexpected turn of affairs :  occurrence

  1. :  functioning properly :  being in good and ready condition

  1. :  a game played between two players who alternately place black and white stones on a board checkered by 19 vertical lines and 19 horizontal lines in an attempt to enclose the larger area on the board

  1. :  existing in a very high degree

    :  going to great or exaggerated lengths :  radical

    :  exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected

  1. :  something situated at or marking one end or the other of a range

    :  the first term or the last term of a mathematical proportion

    :  the major term or minor term of a syllogism

  1. :  notably large in size :  huge

    :  elaborate, ample

    :  large in number or measure :  numerous

  1. :  in a great manner :  well

  1. :  an outstandingly superior or skillful person

lengthplay lengths
  1. :  the longer or longest dimension of an object

    :  the quality or state of being long

    :  duration or extent in time

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