fob someone off with

Definition of fob someone off with


  1. :  to cause someone to accept something that is false, badly made, etc., instead of what is wanted He thought he could fob me off with some weak excuse about being too busy to talk.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  deceive, cheat

  1. :  watch pocket

    :  a short strap, ribbon, or chain attached especially to a pocket watch

    :  an ornament attached to a fob chain

  1. :  some person :  somebody

  1. :  from a place or position

    :  away from land

    :  at a distance in space or time

  1. : used as a function word to indicate physical separation or distance from a position of rest, attachment, or union

    :  to seaward of

    :  from the possession or charge of

  1. :  seaward

    :  right

    :  more removed or distant

  1. :  to go away :  depart

    :  kill, murder

  1. : office; officer; official

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