noun fic·tion·eer \ˌfik-shə-ˈnir\

Definition of fictioneer

  1. :  one who writes fiction especially in quantity and without high standards


play \ˌfik-shə-ˈnir-iŋ\ noun

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Did You Know?

In Latin, the verb fingere means "to shape, fashion, or feign." Fictioneers surely do shape stories and feign the truth, so you could say that the noun fictioneer is etymologically true to its ancestor. The word fiction had been around for more than 500 years by the time fictioneer appeared in English in 1923, bearing a suffix that harks back to such words as engineer and pamphleteer. The word is used generally to refer to any writer of fiction but often specifically to one who writes with little concern for literary quality. Fictioneer and fiction aren't the only English feigners and shapers born of fingere. The words effigy, feign, and figment are among others that trace back to that Latin verb.


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