adjective eo·lian \ē-ˈō-lē-ən, -ˈōl-yən\
variants: or less commonly

Definition of eolian

  1. :  borne, deposited, produced, or eroded by the wind

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Did You Know?

When Aeolus blew into town, things really got moving. He was the Greek god of the winds and the king of the floating island of Aeolia. In The Odyssey, Homer claims Aeolus helped Odysseus by giving him a favorable wind. Aeolus also gave English speakers a few terms based on his name, including the adjective eolian (also spelled aeolian), which is often used for wind-sculpted geological features such as caves and dunes, and aeolian harp, an instrument that makes music when the wind blows across its strings.

Origin and Etymology of eolian

Latin Aeolus, Aeolus

First Known Use: 1622

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