dive (right) in

Definition of dive (right) in

  1. :  to start doing something with enthusiasm They sat down at the dinner table and dove (right) in. We have a lot of things to discuss, so let's dive right in.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to plunge into water intentionally and especially headfirst

    :  to execute a dive (see 2dive 1a(1))

    :  submerge

  1. :  the act or an instance of diving: such as

    :  a plunge into water executed in a prescribed manner

    :  a submerging of a submarine

  1. :  righteous, upright

    :  being in accordance with what is just, good, or proper

    :  conforming to facts or truth :  correct

  1. :  qualities (such as adherence to duty or obedience to lawful authority) that together constitute the ideal of moral propriety or merit moral approval

    :  something to which one has a just claim: such as

    :  the power or privilege to which one is justly entitled

  1. :  according to right

    :  in the exact location, position, or moment :  precisely

    :  in a suitable, proper, or desired manner

  1. :  to do justice to :  redress the injuries of

    :  justify, vindicate

    :  avenge

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