compounded of

Definition of compounded of

  1. :  made up of an attitude compounded of equal parts greed and arrogance

Word by Word Definitions

compoundplay compounded
  1. :  to put together (parts) so as to form a whole :  combine

    :  to form by combining parts

    :  to settle amicably :  adjust by agreement

  1. :  composed of or resulting from union of separate elements, ingredients, or parts: such as

    :  composed of united similar elements especially of a kind usually independent

    :  having the blade divided to the midrib and forming two or more leaflets on a common axis

  1. :  a word consisting of components that are words (such as rowboat, high school, devil-may-care)

    :  a word (such as anthropology, kilocycle, builder) consisting of any of various combinations of words, combining forms, or affixes

    :  something formed by a union of elements or parts

  1. :  a fenced or walled-in area containing a group of buildings and especially residences

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