noun, often attributive col·lege \ˈkä-lij\

Definition of college

  1. 1 :  a body of clergy living together and supported by a foundation

  2. 2 :  a building used for an educational or religious purpose

  3. 3a :  a self-governing constituent body of a university offering living quarters and sometimes instruction but not granting degrees Balliol and Magdalen Colleges at Oxford —called also residential collegeb :  a preparatory or high schoolc :  an independent institution of higher learning offering a course of general studies leading to a bachelor's degree a liberal arts college; also :  a university division offering thisd :  a part of a university offering a specialized group of courses the university's college of pharmacye :  an institution offering instruction usually in a professional, vocational, or technical field business college an embalming college

  4. 4 :  company, group; specifically :  an organized body of persons engaged in a common pursuit or having common interests or duties a college of cardinals serving as papal councillors and electors

  5. 5a :  a group of persons considered by law to be a unitb :  a body of electors — compare electoral college

  6. 6 :  the faculty, students, or administration of a college The college was at the football game in force.

Examples of college in a sentence

  1. She teaches art at a local college.

  2. He graduated from one of the country's best colleges.

  3. She attended a business college.

  4. He attended college for several years, but didn't graduate.

  5. She dropped out of college.

  6. I went to Mount Holyoke College.

  7. When I was a junior in college, I spent a semester in Spain.

  8. the Edinburgh College of Art

  9. the London College of Fashion

  10. She is attending fashion college.

Origin and Etymology of college

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin collegium society, from collega colleague — more at colleague

First Known Use: 14th century

COLLEGE Defined for English Language Learners


noun, often attributive col·lege \ˈkä-lij\

Definition of college for English Language Learners

  • : a school in the U.S. that you go to after high school : a school that offers courses leading to a degree (such as a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree)

  • : a part of an American university that offers courses in a specified subject

  • : a school in Britain that offers advanced training in a specified subject

COLLEGE Defined for Kids


noun col·lege \ˈkä-lij\

Definition of college for Students

  1. :  a school that offers more advanced classes than a high school

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