adjective cis·gen·der \¦sis-¦jen-dər\
variants: less commonly


\¦sis-¦jen-dərd\ play

Definition of cisgender

  1. :  of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity corresponds with the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth <Research shows that transgender people more often suffer symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety than cisgender people, those who identify with the sex they were born with. — Jessica Orwig, The Business Insider, 3 June 2015> <An openly transgender woman and a cisgender (not transgendered) person of the same age, race and experience applied to work at dozens of retail stores in Manhattan. The cisgender person got eight job offers while the transgender woman received none. — Ms., Spring 2010> <Viewed from one angle, the sexual revolution looks obviously egalitarian. It’s about extending to everyone the liberties—the freedom to be promiscuous, to pursue sexual fulfillment without guilt—that were once available only to privileged cisgendered heterosexual males. — Ross Douthat, The New York Times, 14 Feb. 2015>

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Origin and Etymology of cisgender

cis- + 1gender

First Known Use: 1994

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