browned off


Definition of browned off

British, informal

  1. :  annoyed and unhappy about something feeling thoroughly browned off

Word by Word Definitions

brownplay browned
  1. :  of the color brown

    :  of dark or tanned complexion

  1. :  any of a group of colors between red and yellow in hue, of medium to low lightness, and of moderate to low saturation

    :  a brown-skinned person

    :  brown trout

  1. :  to become brown

    :  to make brown

  1. :  from a place or position

    :  away from land

    :  at a distance in space or time

  1. : used as a function word to indicate physical separation or distance from a position of rest, attachment, or union

    :  to seaward of

    :  from the possession or charge of

  1. :  seaward

    :  right

    :  more removed or distant

  1. :  to go away :  depart

    :  kill, murder

  1. : office; officer; official

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a trip made at another's expense

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