breathe a sigh of relief

Definition of breathe a sigh of relief

  1. :  to relax because something one has been worrying about is not a problem or danger anymore :  to feel relieved We all breathed a sigh of relief when we heard that they were safe.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to draw air into and expel it from the lungs :  respire

    :  to take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide through natural processes

    :  to inhale and exhale freely

  1. :  to take a deep audible breath (as in weariness or relief)

    :  to make a sound like sighing

    :  grieve, yearn

  1. :  an often involuntary act of sighing especially when expressing an emotion or feeling (such as weariness or relief)

    :  the sound of gently moving or escaping air

  1. :  a payment made by a male feudal tenant to his lord on succeeding to an inherited estate

    :  removal or lightening of something oppressive, painful, or distressing

    :  welfare

  1. :  providing relief

    :  characterized by surface inequalities

    :  of or used in letterpress

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