bound and determined

Definition of bound and determined

  1. :  having a very strong feeling that one is going to do something and not allow anyone or anything to get in the way :  very determined We were bound and determined to finish the project on time.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  ready

    :  intending to go :  going

  1. :  a limiting line :  boundary

    :  something that limits or restrains

    :  borderland

  1. : past tense and past participle ofbind

  1. :  to set limits to :  confine

    :  to form a separating line or the boundary of :  enclose

    :  to name the boundaries of

  1. :  placed under legal or moral restraint or obligation :  obliged

    :  fastened by or as if by a band :  confined

    :  very likely :  sure

  1. :  leap, jump

    :  the action of rebounding :  bounce

  1. :  to move by leaping

    :  rebound, bounce

  1. :  having reached a decision :  firmly resolved

    :  showing determination

    :  characterized by determination

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