big whoop

Definition of big whoop

US, informal

  1. —used in an ironic way to say that something is not important or impressive <“Their team is going to the play-offs.” “Big whoop.”> <It might look special but it's really no big whoop.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  of great strength

    :  of great force

    :  large or great in dimensions, bulk, or extent

  1. :  in a loud or declamatory manner

    :  in a boasting manner

    :  to a large amount or extent

  1. :  an individual or organization of outstanding importance or power

    :  major league

    :  a big player :  a center or forward whose large size and strength are used to control play near the basket

  1. :  to utter a whoop in expression of eagerness, enthusiasm, or enjoyment :  shout

    :  to utter the cry or call of an animal (such as an owl or gibbon)

    :  to make the characteristic whoop of whooping cough

  1. :  a shout of hunters or of people in battle or pursuit

    :  the loud cry or call of an animal (such as an owl, whooping crane, or gibbon) that resembles the sound of the word whoop

    :  the crowing intake of breath following a paroxysm in whooping cough

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