at a discount

Definition of at a discount

  1. :  for less than the usual price We were able to buy our tickets at a discount.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a reduction made from the gross (see 1gross 3b) amount or value of something: such as

    :  a reduction made from a regular or list price

    :  a proportionate deduction from a debt account usually made for cash or prompt payment

  1. :  to make a deduction (see deduction 1a) from usually for cash or prompt payment

    :  to sell or offer for sale at a discount (see 1discount 1)

    :  to lend money on after deducting the discount

  1. :  selling goods or services for less than their regular or list price :  selling goods or services at a discount (see 1discount 1a(1))

    :  offered or sold at a discount

    :  reflecting a discount

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