take out


Synonyms and Antonyms of TAKE OUT

to find emotional release for <he took out his frustrations by splitting a cord of firewood>
Related Words act out; air, express, state, ventilate, voice
Phrases give way (to)
Antonyms bottle (up), repress, suppress
to go on a social engagement with <she'd like to take the new boy out to the movies sometime>
Synonyms go out (with), take out
Related Words accompany, escort, see; court, woo
to take away from a place or position <the airline passenger took his laptop computer out of its carrying case>
Near Antonyms mount; anchor, clamp, fix, hitch, moor, secure, set; embed (also imbed), entrench (also intrench), implant, ingrain (also engrain), lodge, root; set up, site, situate, stick
Antonyms place, position, put
to put to death deliberately <the rumor is that the CIA is planning to take him out before he can seize control of the country>


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