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Synonyms and Antonyms of lead



Synonyms and Antonyms of lead

  1. 1 the person who has the most important role in a play, movie, or TV show <the actor's career has really taken off since he became the lead in that prime-time drama> Synonyms headliner, star, principalRelated Words leading lady, leading man; superstar; ingenue (or ingénue), starlet; star turn [chiefly British]; coprincipal, costarNear Antonyms extra, supernumerary

  2. 2 the space or amount of space between two points, lines, surfaces, or objects <the runner maintained a lead of several meters all the way around the track> Synonyms distance, length, remove, spacing, spread, stretch, wayRelated Words altitude, area, breadth, depth, height, rise, space, volume, width; extension, extent; cast, range, reach, scope, shot, sweep, throw; drop, fall, flight, haul; berth, clearance

  3. 3 a piece of advice or useful information especially from an expert <my sister got a lead on the job opening from her neighbor, who is the human resources director for the company> Synonyms hint, {h,1}tip, pointerRelated Words advice, advisement, assistance, counsel, guidance, recommendation, suggestion; caution, cautioning, sign, signal, telltale, tip-off, warning; brief, direction, feedback, instruction, observation; prompt, reminder, urging; answer, clue, solution

  4. 4 a slight or indirect pointing to something (as a solution or explanation) <the police are now working on several leads generated by the evidence gathered at the crime scene> Synonyms clue, cue, indication, inkling, intimation, hint, suggestionRelated Words breath, flicker, glimmer, glimpse, mention, scent, whiff, wind; hunch, idea, inspiration, notion; allusion, implication, inference, innuendo, insinuation; denotation, evidence, guidepost, key, mark, overtone, pointer, sign, signal, telltale, token; assistance, nod, prompt, tip, tip-off, wink; feeling, foreboding, intuition, premonition, presentiment, suspicion; augury, foreshadower, foretaste, harbinger, omen, portent, prefigurement, presage, symptomNear Antonyms answer, solution



Synonyms and Antonyms of lead

  1. 1 to point out the way for (someone) especially from a position in front <an enthusiastic docent led our group through the art museum> Synonyms conduct, direct, guide, marshal (also marshall), pilot, route, show, steer, usher Related Words precede; accompany, attend, chaperone (or chaperon), convoy, escort, see; control, manage Near Antonyms dog, hound, shadow, tail, tailgate Antonyms follow, trail

  2. 2 to serve as leader of <a senior programmer is leading the team that is developing the new accounting software> Synonyms boss, captain, command, head, spearhead Related Words control, dominate; direct, govern, handle, manage, oversee, regulate, run, superintend, supervise Near Antonyms bow (to), comply (with), defer (to), follow, obey, serve, submit (to), yield (to)

  3. 3 to be at the front of <the local high school's marching band led the parade> Synonyms head Related Words precede; announce, herald; accompany, attend, escort, usher Near Antonyms conclude, end, finish, stop, terminate; tail, tailgate; dog, follow, trail

  4. 4 to be positioned along a certain course or in a certain direction <this old road leads to an abandoned quarry> Synonyms bear, extend, go, head, run, lieRelated Words cross, cut, pass; course, follow, span, traverse

  5. 5 to give advice and instruction to (someone) regarding the course or process to be followed <the salesclerk led us through the maze of options now available to television buyers> Synonyms coach, counsel, guide, mentor, pilot, shepherd, show, tutorRelated Words godfather; direct, engineer, steer, sway; accompany, attend, chaperone (or chaperon), convoy, escort, see, squire; oversee, superintend, supervise; drill, train; brief, enlighten, inform; instruct, school, teach, tutor; inculcate, indoctrinate; cultivate, foster, nurture

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