Synonyms and Antonyms of CONCENTRATE

to increase the amount of (a substance in a mixture) by removing other substances <prolonged boiling is required to concentrate the sap when making maple syrup>
Synonyms condense
Near Antonyms adulterate, cut, thin, weaken
Antonyms dilute, water (down)
to fix (as one's attention) steadily toward a central objective <a president who will try to concentrate public attention on the problems of inner cities>
Related Words aim, direct, home (in on), hone in (on), level, nail, point, set, zero (in on); attend, heed, mind; fixate (on), obsess (over); refocus
to bring (something) to a central point or under a single control <time to concentrate our efforts on the really important problems that confront us>
Near Antonyms segregate, separate
to bring together in one body or place <concentrate your forces on the right side of the battlefield>
to come together into one body or place <recent immigrants tend to concentrate in port cities>
Antonyms break up, disband, disperse, split (up)
to gradually form into a layer, pile, or mass <the ozone layer is concentrated 20 to 30 miles above the Earth's surface>
Related Words agglutinate, clump, lump; bank, drift, ridge
Near Antonyms disperse, dissipate, scatter


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