break up


break up


Definition of BREAK UP

to cease to exist or cause to cease to exist as a group or organization <the band broke up when their arguments over money grew too stressful>
Related Words demobilize
Antonyms band, join, unite
to come to an end <the meeting broke up when all the business for the day had been completed>
Related Words desist (from), lay off (of), refrain (from); give over [British], knock off, pack (up or in); break down, conk (out), cut out, stall; pause, stay, suspend; abate, peter (out), wind down
Near Antonyms draw out, extend, prolong, protract
to yield to mental or emotional stress <the sort of person who would be among the first to break up in a prisoner of war camp>
Synonyms break down, break up, flip (out) [slang], freak (out), melt down, wig (out) [slang]
Related Words choke
to bring (as an action or operation) to an immediate end <police arrived at the scene and immediately broke up the fracas>
to cause to separate into pieces usually suddenly or forcibly <break up the feta cheese and spread it over the salad>
to show mirth with an explosive vocal sound <if you break up during the skit, the audience will know that you're in on the joke>
Related Words grin, smile

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