verb un·pack \ˌən-ˈpak\

: to take something out of a suitcase, box, etc.

: to make (something) easier to understand by breaking it up into smaller parts that can be examined separately

Full Definition of UNPACK

transitive verb
a :  to remove the contents of <unpack a suitcase>
b :  unburden, reveal <must…unpack my heart with words — Shakespeare>
:  to remove or undo from packing or a container <unpacked his gear>
:  to analyze the nature of by examining in detail :  explicate <unpack a concept>
intransitive verb
:  to engage in unpacking a container
un·pack·er noun

Examples of UNPACK

  1. It's been a year since I moved here and I still haven't unpacked all of my books.
  2. I unpacked my suitcase as soon as I arrived home.
  3. By the time we got to the hotel, I was too tired to unpack.
  4. She's good at unpacking complex concepts.

First Known Use of UNPACK

15th century

Rhymes with UNPACK

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UNPACKED Defined for Kids


verb un·pack \ˌən-ˈpak\

Definition of UNPACK for Kids

:  to separate and remove things that are packed <Will you unpack the groceries?>
:  to open and remove the contents of <I unpacked my suitcase.>


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