verb \ˌdē-kəm-ˈpres\

: to release or reduce the physical pressure on something

computers : to change (a computer file that has been made smaller) back to its original size by using special software

: to rest and relax

Full Definition of DECOMPRESS

transitive verb
:  to release from pressure or compression
:  to convert (as a compressed file or signal) to an expanded or original size
intransitive verb
:  to undergo release from pressure; especially :  relax <need a week off to decompress>
de·com·pres·sion \-ˈpre-shən\ noun

Examples of DECOMPRESS

  1. Once pressure was released, the vertebrae decompressed.
  2. The file must be decompressed before it can be read.

First Known Use of DECOMPRESS



transitive verb \ˌdē-kəm-ˈpres\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of DECOMPRESS

: to release from pressure or compression


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