verb un·load \ˌən-ˈlōd\

: to remove something (such as cargo) from a truck, ship, etc.

: to allow (someone) to leave a train, ship, etc.

: to get rid of (something or someone) quickly

Full Definition of UNLOAD

transitive verb
a (1) :  to take off :  deliver (2) :  to take the cargo from <unload the truck>
b :  to give outlet to :  pour forth <unloaded her bitter feelings>
:  to relieve of something burdensome, unwanted, or oppressive <unloaded the pack animals> <unloaded himself to his friend>
:  to draw the charge from <unloaded the gun>
:  to sell or dispose of especially in large quantities :  dump
:  to hit or propel with a great release of power <unloaded his ninth homer>
intransitive verb
:  to perform the act of unloading
:  to release or deliver something especially with power <unloaded on the ball>
:  to give forth a usually sudden angry outburst <the coach unloaded on his players>
un·load·er noun

Examples of UNLOAD

  1. It took four hours to unload the truck.
  2. Could you help me unload the car?
  3. After the ship docked, they unloaded its cargo.
  4. I have to unload the groceries.
  5. Most ships unload at another dock now.
  6. The train made several stops to unload passengers.
  7. Rumor has it that the manager wants to unload him. Maybe he'll be traded to another team.
  8. She unloaded a huge amount of stock when prices fell.

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