noun \ˈbak-ˌpak\

: a bag for carrying things that has two shoulder straps and is carried on the back

Full Definition of BACKPACK

a :  a load carried on the back
b :  a camping pack (as of canvas or nylon) supported by a usually aluminum frame and carried on the back
c :  knapsack
:  a piece of equipment designed for use while being carried on the back

Examples of BACKPACK

  1. <stuffed her backpack with so many books that she could barely walk>

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Rhymes with BACKPACK

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: to hike or travel with a backpack

Full Definition of BACKPACK

transitive verb
:  to carry (food or equipment) on the back especially in hiking
intransitive verb
:  to hike with a backpack
back·pack·er noun

Examples of BACKPACK

  1. After college, she backpacked through Europe.
  2. We're planning to go backpacking in a national park this summer.

First Known Use of BACKPACK



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