adverb sure·ly \ˈshr-lē, especially Southern ˈshr-\

: in a confident way

: without a doubt

—used in negative statements to show surprise that something could be true

Full Definition of SURELY

:  in a sure manner:
a archaic :  without danger or risk of injury or loss :  safely
b (1) :  with assurance :  confidently <answered quickly and surely>
(2) :  without doubt :  certainly <they will surely be heard from in the future — R. J. Lifton>
:  indeed, really —often used as an intensive <you surely don't believe that>
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Examples of SURELY

  1. She answered quickly and surely.
  2. He will surely be missed.
  3. This is surely the best dessert you have ever made.
  4. Surely you must admit that it was a good decision.

First Known Use of SURELY

14th century

Rhymes with SURELY

SURELY Defined for Kids


adverb sure·ly \ˈshr-lē\

Definition of SURELY for Kids

:  without doubt <It's a book you will surely enjoy.>
:  beyond question :  really <I surely do miss them.>
:  with confidence :  confidently <He answered their questions surely.>


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