adjective stu·pen·dous \st-ˈpen-dəs, sty-\

: so large or great that it amazes you

Full Definition of STUPENDOUS

:  causing astonishment or wonder :  awesome, marvelous
:  of amazing size or greatness :  tremendous
stu·pen·dous·ly adverb
stu·pen·dous·ness noun

Examples of STUPENDOUS

  1. a person with stupendous wealth
  2. <the stupendous engineering feats achieved by the ancient Romans>


Latin stupendus, gerundive of stupēre
First Known Use: 1640

Synonym Discussion of STUPENDOUS

monstrous, prodigious, tremendous, stupendous mean extremely impressive. monstrous implies a departure from the normal (as in size, form, or character) and often carries suggestions of deformity, ugliness, or fabulousness <the monstrous waste of the project>. prodigious suggests a marvelousness exceeding belief, usually in something felt as going far beyond a previous maximum (as of goodness, greatness, intensity, or size) <made a prodigious effort and rolled the stone aside>. tremendous may imply a power to terrify or inspire awe <the tremendous roar of the cataract>. stupendous implies a power to stun or astound, usually because of size, numbers, complexity, or greatness beyond description <a stupendous volcanic eruption>.

Rhymes with STUPENDOUS

STUPENDOUS Defined for Kids


adjective stu·pen·dous \st-ˈpen-dəs, sty-\

Definition of STUPENDOUS for Kids

:  amazing especially because of great size or height
stu·pen·dous·ly adverb


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