transitive verb so·lace \ˈsä-ləs also ˈsō-\

Definition of SOLACE

:  to give comfort to in grief or misfortune :  console
a :  to make cheerful
b :  amuse
:  allay, soothe <solace grief>
so·lace·ment \-mənt\ noun
so·lac·er noun

Examples of SOLACE

  1. <counselors did their best to solace the bereaved children>
  2. <I solaced myself with a book while I waited for the bus.>
  3. Solaced by an abundance of whisky, champagne and cigars, he always bounced back, restoring and recreating himself through intensely active immersion in one or another of his varied interests … —Robert Kuttner, New York Times Book Review, 23 Oct. 1988

Origin of SOLACE

(see 2solace)
First Known Use: 13th century


noun so·lace \ˈsä-ləs also ˈsō-\

: someone or something that gives a feeling of comfort to a person who is sad, depressed, etc. : a source of comfort

Full Definition of SOLACE

:  comfort in grief :  alleviation of grief or anxiety
:  a source of relief or consolation

Examples of SOLACE

  1. Her presence was a great solace for me.
  2. <the kind words brought a little solace to the grieving widow>
  3. Think your city's suffering? Imagine if your favorite team bolted town after 41 seasons, not for some cosmopolitan burg but a dusty outpost where oil derricks qualify as urban skyline. Now imagine turning to your city's other teams for solace only to find each to be avert-your-eyes abysmal. —Chris Ballard, Sports Illustrated, 10 Nov. 2008

Origin of SOLACE

Middle English solas, from Anglo-French, from Latin solacium, from solari to console
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with SOLACE

SOLACING Defined for Kids


noun so·lace \ˈsä-ləs, ˈsō-\

Definition of SOLACE for Kids

:  comfort in times of sorrow or worry <I'll seek solace in friends.>
:  something that gives comfort <Books were his only solace.>


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