verb \ˈth\

: to cause (someone) to be calmer, less angry, etc.

: to cause (a part of the body) to feel better

: to cause (pain) to go away or become less severe


Full Definition of SOOTHE

transitive verb
:  to please by or as if by attention or concern :  placate
:  relieve, alleviate <soothe a cough>
:  to bring comfort, solace, or reassurance to <music soothes the soul>
intransitive verb
:  to bring peace, composure, or quietude
sooth·er noun

Examples of SOOTHE

  1. The waiter tried to soothe the angry customer.
  2. This cream soothes aching muscles.
  3. Her nerves were soothed by a warm bath.
  4. Nothing can soothe their pain.

Origin of SOOTHE

Middle English sothen to verify, from Old English sōthian, from sōth
First Known Use: 1657

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