noun \ˈkän-ˌsōl\

: a flat surface that contains the controls for a machine, for a piece of electrical equipment, etc.

: a cabinet for a stereo or television that stands on the floor

Full Definition of CONSOLE

:  an architectural member projecting from a wall to form a bracket or from a keystone for ornament
a :  an upright case that houses the keyboards and controlling mechanisms of an organ and from which the organ is played
b :  a combination of readouts or displays and an input device (as a keyboard or switches) by which an operator can monitor and interact with a system (as a computer or dubber)
a :  a cabinet (as for a radio or television set) designed to rest directly on the floor
b :  a small storage cabinet between bucket seats in an automobile
:  an electronic system that connects to a display (as a television set) and is used primarily to play video games

Examples of CONSOLE

  1. <a custom-built walnut console holds all of their home-theater components>

Origin of CONSOLE

First Known Use: 1664

Other Furniture and Woodworking Terms

appoint, credenza, mission, settee


verb \kən-ˈsōl\

: to try to make (someone) feel less sadness or disappointment


Full Definition of CONSOLE

transitive verb
:  to alleviate the grief, sense of loss, or trouble of :  comfort <console a widow>
con·sol·ing·ly \-ˈsō-liŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of CONSOLE

  1. Nothing could console her after his death.
  2. <the military officer who must console the bereaved at a soldier's funeral>

Origin of CONSOLE

French consoler, from Latin consolari, from com- + solari to console
First Known Use: 1673


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