noun cab·i·net \ˈkab-nit, ˈka-bə-\

: a piece of furniture that is used for storing things and usually has doors and shelves

: a group of people who give advice to the leader of a government

Full Definition of CABINET

a :  a case or cupboard usually having doors and shelves
b :  a collection of specimens especially of biological or numismatic interest
c :  console 4a
d :  a chamber having temperature and humidity controls and used especially for incubating biological samples
a archaic :  a small room providing seclusion
b :  a small exhibition room in a museum
a archaic (1) :  the private room serving as council chamber of the chief councillors or ministers of a sovereign (2) :  the consultations and actions of these councillors
b (1) often capitalized :  a body of advisers of a head of state
(2) :  a similar advisory council of a governor of a state or a mayor
c British :  a meeting of a cabinet
New England :  milk shake

Examples of CABINET

  1. a member of the President's Cabinet
  2. <the most precious knickknacks were kept in a cabinet with glass doors>

Origin of CABINET

Middle French, small room, diminutive of Middle French dialect (Picard) cabine gambling house
First Known Use: circa 1550

Other Furniture and Woodworking Terms

appoint, credenza, mission, settee



Definition of CABINET

:  of or relating to a governmental cabinet
:  suitable by reason of size for a small room or by reason of attractiveness or perfection for preservation and display in a cabinet
a :  used or adapted for cabinetmaking
b :  done or used by a cabinetmaker

First Known Use of CABINET


Other Government and Politics Terms

agent provocateur, agitprop, autarky, cabal, egalitarianism, federalism, hegemony, plenipotentiary, popular sovereignty, socialism
CABINET Defined for Kids


noun cab·i·net \ˈka-bə-nət, ˈkab-nət\

Definition of CABINET for Kids

:  a case or cupboard with shelves or drawers for storing or displaying things <a medicine cabinet>
:  a group of people who act as advisers (as to the head of a country) <a member of the President's cabinet>
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