noun \ˈsäk\
plural socks

Definition of SOCK

archaic :  a low shoe or slipper
also plural sox \ˈsäks\ :  a knitted or woven covering for the foot usually worn under shoes and extending above the ankle and sometimes to the knee
a :  a shoe worn by actors in Greek and Roman comedy
b :  comic drama
sock·less adjective

Origin of SOCK

Middle English socke, from Old English socc, from Latin soccus
First Known Use: before 12th century



: to hit (someone or something) hard

Full Definition of SOCK

transitive verb
:  to hit, strike, or apply forcefully <sock a home run> <an area socked by a blizzard>
intransitive verb
:  to deliver a blow :  hit
sock it to
:  to subject to or as if to a vigorous assault <they may let you off the first time…but the second time they'll sock it to you — James Jones>

Examples of SOCK

  1. <kept socking the punching bag until he was exhausted>

Origin of SOCK

origin unknown
First Known Use: circa 1700



Definition of SOCK

:  a vigorous or violent blow; also :  3punch 3

First Known Use of SOCK

circa 1700


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