noun \ˈrä-kət, rä-ˈket\

Definition of ROCKET

:  any of several plants of the mustard family: as
a :  arugula
b :  dame's rocket

Origin of ROCKET

Middle French roquette, from Old Italian rochetta, diminutive of ruca arugula, from Latin eruca
First Known Use: 1530


noun, often attributive \ˈrä-kət\

Definition of ROCKET

a :  a firework consisting of a case partly filled with a combustible composition fastened to a guiding stick and propelled through the air by the rearward discharge of the gases liberated by combustion
b :  a similar device used as an incendiary weapon or as a propelling unit (as for a lifesaving line)
:  a jet engine that operates on the same principle as the firework rocket, consists essentially of a combustion chamber and an exhaust nozzle, carries either liquid or solid propellants which provide the fuel and oxygen needed for combustion and thus make the engine independent of the oxygen of the air, and is used especially for the propulsion of a missile (as a bomb or shell) or a vehicle (as an airplane)
:  a rocket-propelled bomb, missile, projectile, or vehicle

Origin of ROCKET

Italian rocchetta, literally, small distaff, from diminutive of rocca distaff, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German rocko distaff
First Known Use: 1611


verb \ˈrä-kət\

: to increase quickly and suddenly

: to move or rise quickly

Full Definition of ROCKET

transitive verb
:  to convey or propel by means of or as if by a rocket
intransitive verb
:  to rise up swiftly, spectacularly, and with force <rocketed to the top of the list>
:  to travel rapidly in or as if in a rocket

Examples of ROCKET

  1. Sales rocketed from 1,000 units last week to 5,000 units this week.
  2. The train rocketed through the tunnel.
  3. The spacecraft rocketed into outer space.
  4. Her novel rocketed to the top of the best-seller list.
  5. Their album rocketed up the charts.
  6. His role in the movie rocketed him to fame.

First Known Use of ROCKET



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Type of jet-propulsion device that uses either solid or liquid propellants to provide the fuel and oxidizer needed for combustion. The hot gases provided by combustion are ejected in a jet through a nozzle at the rear of the rocket. The term is also commonly applied to any of various vehicles, including fireworks, skyrockets, guided missiles, and launch vehicles for spacecraft, that are driven by such a propulsive device. Typically, thrust (force causing forward motion) is produced by reaction to a rearward expulsion of hot gases at extremely high speed (see Newton's laws of motion).


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